The Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation and Pro Level — Oct. 1-19, 2019

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The Perfumer's Studio is the only place in the US where the complete three-week Art and Technology of Perfumery course is currently offered.

Week One

The first week of this three-week program covers The Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation Plus Workshop — the world's premier short-form perfumery course. 

This multimedia, hands-on workshop provides access to more than 800 raw materials and employs a unique method of training developed by perfumer Stephen V. Dowthwaite of PerfumersWorld over the past two decades.

No prior knowledge is required, so the training is suitable for beginners. But no matter what your skill level when you start — whether a complete novice or a PhD with 30 years of experience in the industry — you are guaranteed to progress exponentially.

Please Note: There are no prerequisites for the Foundation Plus Workshop. However, completion of a Foundation Plus Workshop is required before you are eligible for the two-week Professional Level Workshops/Master Classes.

The workshop covers:

  • Commercial perfumery
  • Natural perfumery
  • Aromatherapy and Aromachology
  • Spa and lifestyle products

Times: 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday

Section 1:

  • Safety First
  • What is perfume?
  • Perfume structure overview
  • Odor classification
  • Workshop: Making your first perfumes

Section 2:

  • Aromatherapy - Theory and practice
  • Aromachology - The psychology of smell
  • Spa and lifestyle products
  • Natural Perfumery
  • Workshop: Making perfect natural blends

Section 3:

  • Smelling techniques
  • Synesthesia - The secret language of smell
  • Odor description
  • The Perfumer's Workbook software (included)
  • Workshop: Developing a perfume using The Perfumer's Workbook

Section 4:

  • Theories of why things have smells
  • Making scents and sense of aroma chemical names
  • Overview of natural perfumery materials
  • Synthetic perfumery materials
  • Workshop: Using natural and synthetic aroma materials

Section 5:

  • Composing perfumes
  • Creative techniques
  • Formulating by function
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Workshop: Creating original perfumes

Section 6:

  • Perfume applications
  • Ingredients and formulating
  • Perfume products in home and industry
  • Solving problems with perfume in applications
  • Workshop: Creating perfumes for products

Section 7:

  • Storage of perfume and raw materials
  • Quality Control methods
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Last
  • The 'X' Factor
  • Workshop: Putting it all together, Creating for projects


Weeks Two and Three

The Art and Technology of Perfumery Professional Level comprises 10 study days (Tuesday to Saturday) that build on the Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation Plus Workshop.

Covering all of the stages of fragrance development — from initial concept to finished product, and everything between — Professional Level training focuses on advanced formulation, compliance and creative techniques, and provides the knowledge you need to develop a successful project.

Course objectives for the Professional Level include: understanding the majority of perfumery jargon; an awareness of major legislation, safety and stability affecting perfumery; independent creation of a range of perfumes in ALL major perfume families; modification of creations for odor, cost and product applications; the ability to decipher perfume enquiries systematically and successfully; adding your own objectives and goals.

Please Note: Completion of the weeklong Foundation Plus Workshop is a pre-requisite for the two-week Professional Level Workshops/Master Classes.

Section 1:

  • Advanced smelling techniques
  • Smelling from different substrates
  • Advanced odor classification

Section 2:

  • Developing your own product line concept
  • Creating your own product line

Section 3-5:

  • Creation of all major soliflors using synthetics and naturals
  • How to create new or unknown florals
  • The secrets of creating accords quickly
  • Creating floral bouquets

Section 6-8:

  • Creating examples of all modern fragrance groups — Aldehydic, Fougere, Chypre, Oriental, Gourmand, etc.
  • Modifying these quickly to make many famous landmark perfumes

Section 9:

  • Reverse smelling techniques
  • Decoding a perfume

Section 10:

  • Safety, legislation and compliance considerations
  • IFRA, EEC and other regulatory bodies
  • Preparing shipping documents

Section 11:

  • Commercial aspects of your product
  • How to cost your product

Section 12:

  • How to modify a fragrance for product applications
  • Testing your perfume in product

Section 13:

  • How to read and understand a GCMS report
  • How to interpret a GCMS report
  • How to use the GCMS report to reproduce a perfume
  • How to modify it to get it closer

Section 14:

  • Presenting your own product line
  • Launch
  • The Highest Technique

FREE: All workshop participants will receive a registered version of The Perfumer's Workbook — a powerful perfume-creation tool for Mac and Windows exclusive to PerfumersWorld.

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