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The Perfumer's Studio is pleased to offer what is perhaps the most powerful tool for budding perfumers.  The kit compliments the unique PerfumersWorld system of The ABCs of Perfumery and is an excellent companion to the Foundation Course in The Art and Technology of Perfumery.

With this kit you can create a virtually unlimited range of fragrance styles for friends and family, your company or your products.

The kit forms an ideal introduction to studying perfumery and integrates with the  professional training courses offered at The Perfumer's Studio.

Please note: The CD pictured in the kit has been replaced by a USB Flash Drive for ease of installation.

What you get: 

  • Beginner perfumery coursebook with demonstration formulas to get you started
  • The Perfumers Workbook perfume creation program on USB Flash Drive (Mac and Windows)
  • 25 concentrated perfumery bases that form the core of our proprietary system — The ABCs of Perfumery —and represent all prime odors used in fragrance creation
  • 100g of non-alcoholic solvent, a cosmetic grade carrier oil that replaces alcohol
  • Dropper tops to make measuring easy and accurate
  • 5 trial mixing containers and a pack of mixing sticks
  • 2 packs of specialist smelling strips
  • 2 perfume bottles for your finished creations
  • A re-sealable storage box for safety and odor control

The bases:

  • A - Aliphatic
  • B - IceBerg (cool notes)
  • C - Citrus
  • D - Dairy
  • E - Edible
  • F - Fruit
  • G - Green
  • H - Herbal
  • I - Iris
  • J - Jasmine
  • K - Konifer
  • L - Linalool
  • M - Muguet
  • N - Narcotic
  • O - Orchid
  • P - Phenol
  • Q - Queen of the Orient (Balsamic)
  • R - Rose
  • S - Spice
  • T - Tar and Smoke
  • U - Animalics
  • V - Vanilla
  • W - Wood
  • X - Musk
  • Y - Mossy
  • Z - Solvent

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