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This deposit is used to pay for the samples that we supply and may be used towards the purchase of the fragrance compound on completion of a fragrance development project. In the event that the project is abandoned, the remaining balance may be used toward other purchases from The Perfumer's Studio (any products or courses, etc.) or transferred as partial payment toward another project. It is not refundable.

The Perfumer's Studio LLC does not perform work for hire. Fragrance development is done at our discretion and acceptance of a project does not imply the transfer of proprietary processes or information.

In order to copy a perfume we may need to research it using GCMS (Gas-Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and this will cost from $300 to $500 for the initial work. You will be consulted before we take this step.

Initially, we will send you a number of small samples (+/- 5g each) in plain glass sample bottles. The cost of each sample ($10.00) is deducted from your account. We do not charge to ship samples. There is no limit to the number of modifications you can request or samples we will make, but we will ask you to top up your account as and when needed. 

Once a fragrance is approved, your remaining account balance can be applied toward the purchase of finished compound. Fragrance compounds are supplied neat and will not contain alcohol. They will need to be diluted to an appropriate strength for your application before use.

The Perfumer's Studio and its partners use best manufacturing practices. We make every effort to follow appropriate safety guidelines based on the information you supply about your intended use. As The Perfumer's Studio has no control over your processing or final application, or how you use or misuse the product, it remains your responsibility to fully test the perfume in the end product for suitability, stability, safety and strength. No warranty is implied.

Payment of a deposit will act as proof of understanding and acceptance of the above terms. Please print these terms and conditions for your records.