The Perfumer's Studio

50x 7.5ml custom perfume blends in glass spray bottle with gift pouch @ $50.00

1x Location fee @ $500.00


This deposit is non-refundable if cancelled seven (7) days or less in advance of the event, which is not confirmed until the deposit has been paid.

Any balance due is payable at the event by cash, check or credit card.

The Perfumer's Studio requires 45-60 minutes access to the location before and after the event to set up/break down, as well as a 6 x 2 foot covered table and 4 chairs to be available on site.

We also require a space to place a piece of furniture 4 x 2 feet (provided by us) that will hold the fragrance selection. This is ideally placed against a wall for safety reasons.

A shaded garden setting or with access to fresh air is preferred to minimize over-saturation of the environment with scent.

The Perfumer's Studio is not responsible for any allergic reactions of any of the attendees or venue employees and assumes that all attendees and staff are aware that there will be a perfume mixing bar during the event and are given the opportunity plan accordingly.

Payment of this deposit constitutes acceptance of the above terms.

Thank you!






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