Raw Materials

Raw Materials

We are extremely pleased to offer approximately 800 indu

stry-standard raw materials in amounts from one gram to one ton — something no one else is doing. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, drop by during business hours to sample our offerings and place an order. We are no longer able to fill any orders while you wait.

How to order

Please note: Prices for raw materials fluctuate, and so we are only able to honor the most recently updated price list found here. If you send us an order using an outdated price list, you will be charged the current price regardless of the form you submit.

Download our most recent catalogue (151k Excel file) using the icon link below, find the materials you need, and enter the amounts you'd like. 

At the end of the list you will see your total cost before bottling, tax and shipping.

Save the completed file with your name and return it by email to:


We will then confirm your order, add bottling, taxes (if applicable) and shipping, and send you a payment link.

Our normal turnaround time is 3 working days from receipt of payment. Rush orders will incur an additional handling fee.

Materials can be ordered in any amount, and most sizes will be shipped in amber glass bottles. We use 10g ($0.90), 25g ($1.30), 50g ($2.20), 100g ($3.50) or 200g ($4.25) bottles. The 10g, 25g and 50g bottles are shipped with polycone-lined tops and include an additional dropper top. Larger amounts will be shipped in aluminum containers.

Units used
We use weight rather than volume for orders because volume changes with temperature and different materials have different densities.

We only use industry-standard measurements of grams and kilos.

1g = 0.035 oz.
5g = 0.17 oz.
10g = 0.35 oz.
20g = 0.70 oz
30g = 1.05 oz