Fragrance Foundation Solicits Scent Memories

"I can still remember sitting on the top of the hill, looking out at the sea, enjoying our ice creams," writes Zarko Ahlmann on the Fragrance Foundation UK website, "The scent of warm sand and sea water in combination with vanilla – and having my brother there… this, for me, is truly the essence of peace, innocence and brotherly love."

Ahlmann, like the others on the Scent Memories micro-site run by the non-profit educational organization, is sharing a memory involving the sense of smell. 

To celebrate International Fragrance Day on March 21, the Fragrance Foundation has created a social media campaign that is a new platform to engage perfume lovers everywhere via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The short stories they share take the form of personal memory, free association and theories of scent from perfumers and art directors such as Roja Dove, whose videos populate the Twitter feed.

Those wishing to add their personal take on fragrance can interact with the project by using the #ScentMemories hashtag on the foundation's social media pages or by emailing




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